Video Of Week: Verado-Powered Outerlimits SL 41
Mystic M4200 Center Console Finds Home At Grand Lake
Life-Saving Connections
Real Heroes Getting Recognition
Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Organizers Announce Positive Changes
New Mystic C4400 Catamaran Aces Owners’ First Test Session

Life-Saving Connections

For Rusty Rahm and his wife, Natalie, it’s hard to imagine what could have happened had the successful entrepreneur and owner of Wake Effects in Osage Beach, Mo., not picked up the phone and reached out to his longtime friend from Lake of the Ozarks and fellow offshore racer, Dr. Michael Janssen. They also can’t think about what might have happened had Georgia’s John Woodruff, a fellow MTI owner, not stepped in to help get their son, Christian, the help he needed to deal with seizures earlier this year.

rahm wakeeffects1

Rusty Rahm is grateful to be back on the racecourse after an eventful offseason. Photo courtesy Luminetic Media (click to enlarge).

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Sunday Afternoon Fever


Each a star in his world, John Tomlinson and John Travolta shared a day on the water in an MTI-V 42 performance center console.

You know John Tomlinson because you’re a performance-boating enthusiast, and Tomlinson has a resume—from offshore racing to the marine industry itself—that just won’t quit. But outside the go-fast boating world, he’s anything but a household name.

On the other hand, you know John Travolta—one of the most successful screen actors in history—because you’re not living under a rock. From disco dancer to mechanical bull rider to hit man to fallen angel, Travolta has created an array of memorable movie characters.

So what do these two stars have in common have beyond their own first names? Thanks to Travolta’s research for an upcoming motion picture on the life and times of Don Aronow called “Speed Kills,” Johnny T and, well, Johnny T spent most of a Sunday together a couple of weeks ago.

Travolta was, of course, doing research for his role as the famed performance-boat company owner from New Jersey.

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A Real Eye-Opener: Outerlimits SL 52 Owner Tackles Desert Storm for First Time

Every April for the past 12 years, the sights and sounds of the Desert Storm Poker Run have been a part of my life and my story telling between my job at Powerboat magazine and now Well I guess that’s not 100-percent correct since the organizers of the popular event in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., decided to move it to the first week of May this year.

dspr hafid sotw

Between spectators checking out his boat in the start parade through the Lake Havasu Channel to the run to Topock, Daniel Hafid seemed to enjoy the Desert Storm Poker Run on Friday. Photo by Jason Johnson

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Californians Tackle Tickfaw

When I caught up with Rick Bowling yesterday by phone, he was just leaving a Love’s truck stop in San Antonio, Texas, with his 37-foot Gone Again Talon catamaran in tow and heading home to Alamo, Calif. A likeable, longtime performance boat owner and well-known former offshore racer, Bowling and a couple of his friends spent last weekend exploring the Louisiana Bayou and Lake Pontchartrain in the 37-footer and making new friends at the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run. With some 600 miles behind them, Bowling and company still had 1,700 miles to go before arriving in home in Northern California.


For a pair of first-timers from the Golden State, last weekend’s Tickfaw 200 Poker Run in Louisiana was more than worth the long haul it took to get there. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

What inspired Bowling and his pals to make the long trip?

“Well, I was originally going to the Desert Storm Poker Run but I’ve done that like 20 times,” he said. “When they ended up being on the same weekend, I decided to go to Tickfaw instead because I had never been there before.

“We had a great time,” he continued. “Everybody is so friendly—everybody is always trying to help you anyway they can. It’s that Southern hospitality thing. The bayou and Blood River Landing, where it’s based, I guess the closest thing I can relate them to in my own experience is the jungle ride, without the hippos, at Disneyland.”

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Speed on the Water