Stephen Miles Design To Paint Cobalt

Like most folks who make a living in the high-performance powerboat world—this reporter included—Stephen Miles can’t afford the kind of new big-dollar custom V-bottoms and catamarans he dresses in exquisite paintjob at the Owensboro, Ky., graphics shop that bears his name. Still, he enjoys being on the water as much as anyone, especially now that Carter, his two-year-old grandson, is delighted to go with him.

milescobalt 03

With a Stephen Miles paintjob, the boat painter's personal boat could end being the sexiest Cobalt on the planet (click image to enlarge). 

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Swoop Motorsports Tests Hustler 377 Talon Project Boat

The Southern California couple behind Swoop Motorsports spent last weekend testing its recently updated Hustler Powerboats 377 Talon and Travis and Summer Richardson couldn’t be happier with how the project boat turned out.

swoop talon ramp

Travis Richardson and Don London enjoyed testing the restored Hustler 377 Talon last weekend. Photos courtesy Swoop Motorsports

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Cigarette Restoration Trifecta

In a typical off-season—meaning winter—Team Saris Performance Marine in Bolton Landing, N.Y., has to lay off a couple of employees. But this year, thanks to an influx of powerboat restoration and renovation work from power upgrades for a pair of 22-foot Donzi sportboats to a re-rig of a 31-foot center console, the shop only had to give one employee a long winter break.

sariscigarette 01

Team Saris Performance Marine is bringing a trio of vintage sportboats back to life.

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Project Raindance: Inside The Restoration Of A Modern Apache Warrior

Sometime in the mid-2000s, Andy Imhof of Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center decided it was time to tackle a signature project that showcased the entire range of his Rockville-based company’s restoration services. So he bought Raindance, a 36-foot Apache Warrior built in 1992, and got to work.

In a way, the 36-footer remains Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center’s timeless calling card—even though it now belongs to a proud owner on the West Coast.

raindanceapahe36 08

For Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center, Raindance is a signature restoration project. All running photos courtesy/copyright of the Florida Powerboat Club.

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Old School Meets New School: 46 Skater Project at Boat Customs

Currently in the paint booth at the highly respected Boat Customs in Caledonia, Mich., Dan and Lisa Sherman’s 46-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran is nearing the end of a lengthy conversion that is about as close as you can get to building a new boat. And in essence, thanks to some substantial changes to the 46-footer, the Shermans are getting a new boat.


Michigan's Dan Sherman is going with Sterling Performance Engines power plants in his 46-foot Skater that is currently getting a complete overhaul from the crew at Boat Customs.

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Harris Performance Rolling

True confession: I was trying to reach veteran offshore racer Jeff Harris, the throttleman for the 2016 Super Boat International Unlimited Class World Champion Wake Effects team, when I first connected via Facebook with Jeff Harris, the 36-year-old owner of Harris Performance LLC in Dadeville, Ala. That kind of thing happens often to the Alabama-based full-service engine building and rigging company owner, and he actually has come to appreciate and enjoy it.

harrisperfelim 02

Based in Alabama, a full-service high-performance powerboat service outfit continues to thrive. 

“I do get a lot of perks from that,” he said, then chuckled. “People call me by mistake and they’ll say, ‘Well, now that I have you on the phone, I do need some work done or some parts.’ I talk to Bob Teague of Teague Custom Marine a lot, and every time I call him he says, ‘Is this the racer Jeff Harris or the redneck Jeff Harris?’

“I’m the redneck rigger Jeff Harris,” he added, then laughed again.

For a closer look at the Harris Performance Eliminator 25 Daytona project, check out the slideshow above.

Inspired by his father’s street rod business, Harris started his company 12 years ago. He loved fast cars but was less than enamored with speed limits and such.

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All Gain And No Pain In Skater 36 ROS Swap Out For Verado 400Rs

Grant Bruggemann of Grant’s Signature Racing and his longtime friend and client Matt Rice knew they were entering uncharted waters with the first high-performance pleasure-boat application of 400-hp Mercury Racing ROS outboard engines, which were developed specifically for X-Cat Racing series. Both understood the ROS—Race Offshore by full name—outboard was, as announced by Mercury Racing when it was released in 2015, a “racing engine.” Unlike the Verado 400R supercharged outboard platform on which the ROS product was based, essential operating hardware such as a fuel pump items were not built into the engine. Like the engine’s oil reservoir, they had to be remotely located in the engine compartment of Rice’s new 36-foot Skater catamaran, which he had built with a super-low profile for the ROS power application.


Shown here with its original Mercury Racing ROS outboard engines, this 36-foot Skater has been repowered by Grant’s Signature Racing with Verado 400R mills. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden.

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