Two months after the merger was announced between Pier 57 and Shogren Performance Marine, the Waukegan, Ill., the company is opening its doors for an open house on Saturday, April 21.

Pier 57 will host an open house for its customers and the boating public on April 21.Pier 57 will host an open house for its customers and the boating public on April 21.According to Scott Sjogren, the Pier 57 Open House, which is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., will provide the opportunity to meet many of the vendors and manufacturers the company works with, including Ateco Engines, Livorsi Marine, Mitcher T Custom Painting and WorldWide Marine Underwriters.

Along with new and used models from Checkmate, Cigarette Racing and Marine Technology Inc., the company will have a few Mercury Racing engines on display and be showcasing its new propeller dynamometer (dyno).

“We’re going to feature live prop dyno demonstrations so people can see how the dyno works,” Sjogren said. “We also invite customers to bring in their boats so we can hook their engines up to the tuner and the dyno and find out the real horsepower. We want to show that we’re a full-service company not just a place to buy a boat.”

The open house will feature free food and drinks with Pier 57 detailer, Izzy, manning the grill. “Izzy can really cook,” Sjogren added.

The company’s latest project, a 1995 32-foot Active Thunder restoration, also will be on display. Look for a story on the project on in the neat future.

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