This what I like about the Super Boat International Key West Offshore Championships: The three-race format rewards consistency. At the SBI Key West Worlds, you can’t just have a lucky day. You need to have three lucky—and of course skillful and tactical—days.

In Wednesday’s Super Cat race, Stihl took first place ahead of Amsoil by just four seconds. According to SBI’s unofficial results of today’s race, Amsoil edged out Stihl by six seconds, meaning that in terms of time Amsoil has two seconds on Stihl and in terms of points they are dead even. And that means for all intents and purposes Sunday’s race means everything in the Super Cat class.

Turnabout—of the mechanical kind—appears to have been fair play in today’s Superboat Unlimited class, where yesterday’s winner, Cintron, failed to complete the final two laps and finished second. CMS 3, which broke before it could finish its final lap on Wednesday, completed all seven of its laps today.

By finishing seven minutes ahead of Cintron today, CMS 3 made up Wednesday’s deficit of 3 minutes and 24 seconds and is now 3 minutes and 36 seconds ahead of Cintron. But the boats are close in points, and if today’s race proved anything it’s that no lead is safe in the three-format of SBI’s Key West Worlds.