Boat Reviews from Miami, Peter Hledin Q&A and More Featured in Latest Speed On The Water Digital Magazine

While we’ve been proud of the previous 21 digital magazines we’ve produced, this issue—the January/February 2017 edition of Speed On The Water Magazine, which can be downloaded for FREE here—is a little more meaningful than most because it’s chock-full of boat reviews from the Miami International Boat Show where we reconnected with the most professional test drivers in the industry, Bob Teague and John Tomlinson.

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We had a blast spending a couple of days with our former Powerboat magazine test team colleagues, and we hope you enjoy our reviews and chief photographer Pete Boden’s photos of five special boats from the show—a 33-foot Airship RIB, a 35-foot Formula featuring an all-new Ilmor Marine engine, the Norwegian-built Predator Powerboats 447-R, the first outboard-powered Outerlimits SL 41 and and the issue’s cover boat: a unique Skater 478 V-bottom.

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Inside SOTW Mag: Two Teague Repowers


One brother’s new power package for his 38-foot Fountain leads to a refreshed engine upgrade for the other brother’s 35-foot Donzi.

With parts of five decades dedicated toward this passion turned profession, I’ve shaken hands, worked on boats, raced alongside, made friendships and struck business deals with some of the most interesting people I would never have dreamed of meeting before diving into the powerboat industry with Teague Custom Marine in 1972. It’s arguably the highlight of my business ventures—that and having my family beside me along the way.

Family—mine in particular—has been a topic in this column before, but this time around I’d like to highlight another family, one that’s been a part of the TCM extended family for some time. Earlier this year we took care of two special customers— Eric and Ken Smith, the brothers who run the respected Northwest car dealership Dave Smith Auto Group with their sister, Michelle Dahl—and pulled off a tandem power upgrade involving both brothers’ boats.

I remember meeting Ken when he brought his 2005 Fountain Powerboats 38-foot V-bottom to us and we removed the Mercury 500EFI engines and completely rebuilt them to TCM 825EFI spec, including dual-stage water pumps, larger oil coolers, new EFI harnesses and ECMs A few years later Ken went back into project mode on the boat, and added a ton of high-end stereo and lighting, which added a lot of weight so the boat, in turn leading him to want more power to compensate.

So when he came to us last winter wanting to upgrade the power in the 38-footer to our TCM 1050EFIs, we were excited about the conversion.

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Inside SOTW Mag: Product Spotlight—Shaun Torrente’s STR X-ACT Outboard Brackets


With an immense amount of boat racing experience and community support behind him, Victory Team driver Shaun Torrente is manufacturing the STR X-ACT adjustable brackets for the Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines.

Mounted to the transom of several new catamarans featuring Mercury Racing’s Verado 400R engines, including the first MTI 340X that made its debut in August, are new adjustable outboard brackets from talented boat racer Shaun Torrente.

Dubbed X-ACT from STR (as in Shaun Torrente Racing), the precision adjustable brackets, which are the result of race-proven designs, are constructed with billet aluminum to hold up to 700 pounds.

Being that Torrente has grown up around boat racing and extended his roots beyond the tunnel boat circuit by racing offshore, it comes as no surprise he has boats across the globe with his brackets on them. In racing alone, there are some Superboat Stock class boats Stateside with them and XCAT World Series boats using them with the Mercury Racing ROS engines.

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Inside SOTW Mag: Big Fish On A Small Pond


A 43-foot-long V-bottom may seem like a lot of boat for Lake Havasu, but for Jay and Colleen Jorgenson it’s just right. Photo courtesy/copyright Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images.

Asked if he’s ever encountered conditions on Lake Havasu, the famed Colorado River-fed West Coast go-fast-boat hotbed with shoreline in Arizona and California, that could remotely challenge his Sunsation F4 V-bottom, Jay Jorgenson paused before laughing.

“No,” said Jorgenson, who has lived year- round in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., with his wife, Colleen, for the past 14 years. “That’s why we like going back to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. There’s big enough water there.

Jorgenson laughed again. “The first time we went there, I hit a double set of rollers and broke the steering wheel,” he said.

Why then did Jorgenson, a high-end hot rod builder by trade through his Lake Havasu City-based Speedway Customs shop, buy a 43-foot wave-crushing V-bottom for a waterway he knows is mostly calm—at least by full-size offshore V-bottom standards? Because he and his wife thought they’d use it for overnighting, which has happened exactly once in the six years they’ve owned the boat.

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Inside SOTW Mag: Airbrush With Greatness

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The Art Of Design's Dean Loucks changed how people think about high-performance powerboat paint jobs. And he's not done yet.

Dean Loucks is more than a fine artist, more than one of the most colorful and charismatic characters in the high-performance powerboat world. The 52-year-old founder and owner of The Art Of Design paint shop in Elkhart, Ind., is a brand. That’s not exaggeration. It’s fact.

Of course, you know his work from the custom high- performance powerboat world. A bevy of The Art Of Design graphic creations from the Monopoly and Pure Platinum Skater Powerboats catamarans to the Stealth and American Muscle Cigarette Racing Team V-bottoms, in addition to a bevy of V-bottoms and catamarans from Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats, come to mind.

Since he started designing graphics for and painting go-fast boats in 1998, Loucks estimates he has painted more than 500 boats. Think Gold Digger, Freedom, Man Of Steel, Perfect Storm, Factory Billet and (going way back) Sorcerer. The list goes on and on.

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