Skater 368 Reaches 119 MPH On Verado ROS Outboard Power

With owner Matt Rice behind the wheel, the first and only high-performance pleasure boat to be powered by Mercury Racing Verado ROS (Race Offshore) outboard engines reached 119 mph during a run this morning in Sarasota, Fla. Rice, who lives in Hanover, Pa., but owns a second home in the Sarasota area, took delivery of the low-profile Skater Powerboats 368 catamaran last Thursday from Grant Bruggemann of Grant’s Signature Racing, the well-known and respected rigging and setup shop that installed and rigged the 400-hp race-bred outboards on the 36-footer.

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Mystic M4200s Heading To Cancun And Staten Island

With two new M4200s delivered this week to owners based in Cancun, Mexico, and Staten Island, N.Y., Mystic Powerboats continues to expand territories for its luxury performance center console. The model was introduced during the 2015 Miami International Boat Show, and since then has found homes on the west coast of Florida—a definite hotbed for the 42-footer—California, the Midwest and the Northeast.

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Rigging In Full Swing On Latest Mystic Powerboats C4400 Catamaran

With the planned debut of Chad and Heather Collier’s new Mystic Powerboats C4400 catamaran at the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run in Louisiana just a few weeks away, rigging work on the 44-footer, which will be powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines, is in major motion. That’s the word from Scott Sjogren of Mystic Powerboat Sales, who is currently in town at the company’s headquarters in DeLand, Fla., and in the process of delivering his second Mystic M4200 luxury center console this week.

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Simply Irresistible: Catnip Coming To Boyne Thunder


A centerpiece of Van Dam’s 40th anniversary celebration, a 30-foot wooden runabout powered by Ilmor Marine engines could just steal the show at the summer’s hottest event.

With an estimated top speed of almost 60 mph, a Van Dam Custom Boats creation dubbed Catnip probably will be the slowest boat at the long sold-out Boyne Thunder Poker Run ( July 7-8 in Boyne City, Mich. That’s even more likely given that the hand-built, wooden 30-footer won’t be among the 100-plus high-performance V-bottoms, catamarans and center consoles during Saturday’s poker run. But as part of Van Dam’s 40th anniversary celebration, the soon-to-be-completed Catnip “runabout” will be displayed in Friday’s night boat-and-car exhibit on Main Street, and—like all Van Dam builds—it promises to be a show-stealer.

Powered by twin 385-hp Ilmor Marine engines “customized” for the project, Catnip won’t have to travel far to reach Boyne Thunder’s street festival as Van Dam also is located in Boyne City. Design work on the boat began in early 2015, and construction started a year later. According to Ben Van Dam, the president and naval architect of Van Dam Custom Boats, the boat is “styled with subtle Art Deco cues blended with signature elements of 1930s Ventnor runabouts.” Van Dam and design principle Michel Berryer, who has been with the the company for more than 20 years, worked closely on the project.

Ilmor Marine has supplied power for Van Dam Custom Boats projects since 2011, and according to Jessica Gamarra, the company’s director of marketing and communications, the people at the company were delighted to be chosen to supply power for Catnip.

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Supercharger Kits Developed For Six-Cylinder Yamaha Outboards

Based in North Victoria, Australia, Nizpro Marine is set to release its supercharger upgrade kit for out-of-warranty six-cylinder, 4.2-liter Yamaha outboard engines. According to information on the company’s website, the direct-fit kit can be installed in a few hours and—with seven pounds of boost—ups power output of Yamaha’s V-6 Offshore and V-6 VMAX SHO outboards to 450 hp at 5,200 rpm.

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Skater Offering Outboard-Powered V-Bottom

Driven by the wild popularity of Mercury Racing’s Verado 400R outboard engine, Skater Powerboats is developing a 41-foot outboard-powered V-bottom dubbed the 418. According to Tony Cutsuries, the national sales manager for the Douglas, Mich., custom high-performance catamaran and V-bottom company, the first hull is out of the mold.


Skater’s Tony Cutsuries estimates the 418 with triple Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines will top out between 105 and 110 mph.

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Swedish Race/Pleasure Catamaran Taking Form

Spearheaded by Swedish X Cat World Series team Swecat Racing, hull and deck plugs for the 31-foot Hypercat are finished. Sweden-based Macomould produced the plugs. Also based in Sweden, RB Marin & Composite will build the molds, according to a press release from Swecat Racing, for the carbon-fiber 31-footer. The boat was designed by the famed Mannerfelt Design Team in collaboration with Swecat Racing.

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