I don’t believe “privileged” is really the right word to describe it, but I definitely feel that way when my two primary contacts at Marine Technology Inc., in Wentzville, Mo.—owner/founder Randy Scism and sales/marketing manager Tim Gallagher—pick up the phone when I call.

mtimadness 57 sotw

The first production model MTI-V 57, which is powered by quad Seven Marine 627 engines, was delivered to its owner in May. Photo courtesy Tim Gallagher. Check out a video of the boat running here.

Like many people in the industry, I value their time. I also understand just how busy Scism and Gallagher are on a daily basis. Heck in the last month, MTI delivered its first production 57-foot center console—the mighty-impressive MTI-V 52 powered by quad Seven Marine 627 engines that, although unfinished but seaworthy, was on display at the Miami International Boat Show in February—and rolled out its “new” G7-style 43-foot catamaran not long after that.

As Gallagher explains, the G7 style follows the designs of the 52-foot Lamborghini-inspired catamaran owned by Florida performance boater Gino Gargiulo.

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